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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Giver Three Reasons


     The three reasons why The Giver book was better than the movie are: I could really feel Jonas's emotions, the book had a better ending, and finally the book could give a better description.
     My first reason for why the book is better than the movie is that I could really feel Jonas's emotions while reading. This story is basically about emotions and how great they are, so wouldn't it be nice to actually understand and feel what Jonas was going through, not just see it? With the book, Lois Lowry goes into every little nook and cranny of Jonas's brain and spills it in the form of words. Anyone who reads The Giver is able to understand what Jonas experienced, yet with the movie they could only show it, leaving the viewer with no room to imagine. I think that is the problem with most book to movie renditions, the inability to imagine, and that is no different with The Giver.
     My second reason why The Giver book was better than the movie is that the book had such a great ending. Lois Lowry did a perfect job of having you attach to Jonas, then building up to the climax, and leaving you with no resolution. That was the best part of the book because with no resolution you are able to make your own ending. Some people thought that Jonas went in a big circle and that the sled brought him to the new community filled with memories. Others say he made it to Elsewhere and lived a happy life with Gabe, some believe he got hyperthermia and was hallucinating. I personally thought he died of hyperthermia and the sleigh was his "stairway to heaven."  That is the beauty of Lois Lowry's ending it leaves you with room to imagine, but with the movie it gives you a solid happy ending and that is just way too Hollywood.
     Many fans of the movie might say that with the book things moved faster while still maintaining the big picture. They are sorely mistaken because my final reason of why the book is considerably better than the movie is that, the book goes into more detail. This is especially true towards the end when Jonas and Gabe are trying to get to Elsewhere, the book goes into great detail of how he was hungry and thinking of giving up, how it all looked bad for Jonas and Gabe. In the movie it speed over that part too much. The viewer was not able to really feel and understand what Jonas was going through. This was also true all the way through the book because there were just things that movies can not portray like a book can. For example, the kid during the civil war. They could not show in depth the war and how the kid just lied there waiting for death. Some things are just weird in movies, but books can still describe it perfectly in detail without it being weird or awkward.
     For these three reasons The Giver book is better than the movie: the book was better at portraying Jonas's emotions, it had a way better ending, and finally the book was in better detail than the movie. If you still do not agree with me, read the book and see the movie, that will do all the explaining.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Forecast

Seamus Cappellano

     In the Forecast the speaker says that we will be so drawn to our Tv's that when something happens we will only know about when it goes on the news or weather channel. I think this poem has some truths, but for right now I think our problem is not that bad. I wonder if there will ever be a future like that one, and if so when?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mind Blown (*o*)

Seamus Cappellano

     Jonas finished his journey and made it to "Elsewhere." I think Elsewhere was really just heaven and Jonas and Gabe died because he was out of energy and hopeless then out of nowhere he was uplifted. I think that is where he died and the sled ride was how he got into heaven. I wonder what Lois Lowry was really thinking of when she made this ending.

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Journey

Seamus Cappellano

     Jonas just ran away from his community and brought Gabe with him. I don't like how the author did not spend more time on the escape she kind of rushed through it. I wonder if there really is an Elsewhere?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Plot Twisted!

Seamus Cappellano

     Jonas and the Giver were going over the plan for Jonas's escape. I believe this plan will not work there has to be something that goes wrong. I wonder if Jonas will make it or not? If he does not make it they can not "release" him because it will release all the memories onto the citizens. I wonder what they will do to him if they catch him?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I was Right!

Seamus Cappellano

     In this chapter we learned what happened to people when they are released. I hate how the people are now basically robots with little empathy or emotions. I wonder if the people who are about to be released no what will happen.

The Failure to Receive

Seamus Cappellano

     Jonas had what seemed to be a episode of post traumatic stress disorder, and the Giver tells Jonas about the failure of the receiver. I liked how these chapters finally told you about the failed receiver. I wonder if Jonas will ever try to leave?